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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Healthy Living for the Family aims to help people connect with food and make healthy lifestyle choices for their family. Brimming with wholesome family meal plans and tasty snack ideas, Family Fuel offers families the tools needed to make smarter choices when preparing and consuming food
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  • There is something different about having the chance to share your story on the radio in an interview. There is a palpable feeling of really putting yourself out there to be heard. Jennifer allows for this experience to be easy and natural. Her passion for shifting the field of health care and providing people with really good information is contageous. and inspiring. I am truly grateful for the chance to be on her show, for her far reaching vision and her diligence in moving us all forward in the field of integrative health.

    Bonnie Tarantino
    Bonnie Tarantino Director of Yoga, University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Busy Parents who are looking to create healthy mealtime routines for your family need to read Family Fuel and keep it handy in the kitchen. This is a hybrid of cookbook and mealtime manual to help families connect through the shared experience of eating in a realistic, less-regimented way. This book cultivates the idea that meals are a time to bond, nourish and foster healthy relationships with food and family. Family Fuel integrates an easy-to-follow food choice guide, recipes for healthy living and realistic suggestions to envelope your children in the healthy eating process. Children need choices and Family Fuel provides an accessible system for them to be involved and comprehend that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or forced upon by you! What a relief! This book fosters a partnership with your family to invest in healthy eating and bring back the family dinner experience as a priority and a time for connection. Also, author Jennifer Tolo R.N. brings forth her extensive experience as a nurse, mother of four boys and holistic healer to mitigate the notion that providing a healthy eating environment does not have to be an arduous process. Family Fuel is research-based and provides a unique approach to managing an integral part of healthy living by making the right choices when fueling your family. This book is realistic, accessible, and has pioneered the necessary tools for parents and children to partner in their journey of healthy living.

    Shannon Doherty
    Shannon Doherty Alger Manchester Essex Regional High School Academic Center


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Family Fuel Recipes

Family Fuel can help put your family on the path to better health and wellness.

Helping you fuel the body and brain with whole foods and connection.

  • Leftover’s Flatbread
  • EggPlant parmesan and farro bake
  • Blackberry banana Oat Scones
  • Spanish style spinach, chickpeas and cauliflower rics
  • Sprouted grain veggie bowl
  • Kale, avocado and grapefruit salad

A word from the author

Being a busy mother of 4 active boys, I know what it is like to live a chaotic life on the go. However, being a Registered Nurse, having a physician husband and 2 kids with health issues, I also know the absolute importance of healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity and the need for balance in life.I have learned through my experiences with my kids and the challenges of life the importance of nurturing the health.

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