Being a busy mother of 4 active boys, I know what it is like to live a chaotic life on the go. However, being a Registered Nurse, having a physician husband and 2 kids with health issues, I also know the absolute importance of healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity and the need for balance in life. I have learned through my experiences with my kids and the challenges of life the importance of nurturing the health, not only of the body, but of the mind and spirit. Many Moms and Dads are so busy ‘surviving’ and caring for others that we forget to take time to care for our self. It is easy to fall into habits that take our life out of balance and lead to disruption in our health. It is easy to feel confused and lost in all the fads diets and exercise trends that you do not know where to start and what will work. We are living in a time of easy way outs, unhealthy, quick fix foods and jam packed schedules. This is why we have an obesity epidemic in our country. These are all reasons why I became a personal trainer and holistic health counselor, and why I continue to learn and grow. I am passionate about helping adults and kids feel confident, strong and balanced. My mission is to help families, men, women and children, find their path to healthy living, healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy spirits.  My approach is personalized, integrative and proactive versus reactive and “one size fits all”.  The focus is preventative, looking at the root cause of disease and chronic illness.  I strive to help people find the right balance in their lives and learn to eat well, cook simple meals, find time to exercise and find the most appropriate exercise regime for their lives, while maintaining a healthy balance and taking time for themselves, their families and time for health and wellness.  I look at the individual, what is going on with their health, their lives and teach them integrative tools to tap into what works for them, what the body messages are so they can begin to spread their wings and fly into health.

    Bachelor of Science – University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
    Masters in Arts – New York University, New York, NY

    Holistic Health Counselor Certification- Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, NY

    ACE Certified personal trainer.
    LMA Certified nutrition consultant,
    IIN Certified holistic health counselor,
    Certified Reiki Master

    Specialty Certifications
    Youth fitness (ACE and Kids in Motion)
    Spinning (Mad dog)
    PIYO (Powder blue production)

    Boards Involved With
    Manchester Essex Regional School Health Advisory Council and Wellness Council- 2009-2015

    Essex Shipbuilding Athletic Association- 2009-2015
    Essex Elementary School – Chair and Sponsor of Happy as a Clam 5K/Family Fun Run, 2008-2013

    Special Education Parent Advisory Council, MERSD-2013-2015

    American Holistic Nursing Association

    American Association of Drugless Practitioners

    Unique tools utilized:

    • Dowsing
    • Medical and spiritual intuition,
    • Knowledge of Chakras and Energy fields/rings.
    • Guided Imagery
    • Mindfulness

    Did you know?..
    Obesity contributes to 70% of our total health care costs due to all of the complications and the young age that they begin -childhood obesity, (Type II diabetes, hypertension, gastric bypass, bone and joint disorders, depression, dyspnea or trouble breathing to name a few).
    Eating closer to the earth (minimally processed) and locally grown foods is greener and provides more nutrients and life energy.
    Regular moderate exercise and dietary changes can reduce the needs for many medications that are used to treat: diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and depression, ADHD, high cholesterol, and  GI upset. Exercise helps regulate hormones, and increases metabolism.  Another major contributor to DISease is stress. Daily meditations, mindfulness and deep breathing have been shown to decrease the effects of stress and the hormonal stress response which can disrupt the body homeostasis.

    Be informed, be involved, be interactive, be well.